CUA30915 Certificate III in Music

Course Description

ID: CUA30915

Are you performing as a solo artist or in a band? Are you looking for ways to improve your stagecraft, song writing and music production? If so, you should spend a year in the CUA30915 Certificate III in Music course. You will extend your learning in the areas of music theory, song writing fundamentals, arranging and music production, enabling you to take your music to a whole new level. You will need a foundational understanding of music theory, piano skills, and proficiency on your chosen instrument to get started in the Certificate III.

In this course you will …

  • strengthen your song in song writing extension classes
  • write original songs and workshop them in your band
  • create a lead sheet arrangement
  • rehearse your band’s repertoire
  • record and produce your songs in Red Wall Studio using industry-leading digital audio workstations
  • plan the show as well as promote it

Finally you will host an industry showcase event in which you will perform your year’s work to the public and music industry representatives.

As you complete the course you will have gained an intermediate understanding of song writing, arranging, and music production and performance having had experience in the studio and on stage. You will also be equipped to take your learning to the next level in CUA40920 Certificate IV in Music.


2 semesters

Contact time

1 day (6 hrs p/w)

Entrance requirements

Audition / Interview