As we continue to grow as a College, we are opening up a range of avenues for corporate and individual support, that will assist us in providing the very best creative arts experience – where students are valued, positively impacted and equipped for the creative industries and life, while receiving an education that provides a hope & a future.


Introducing our MPC Future Fund.


Why does MPC need a Future Fund?
Unlike some other educational institutions, MPC does not receive government funding. Instead, we rely on student fees & the sponsorship of our community to enhance the educational experience we provide.


The need for funding support has become crucial as we aim for sustained growth within our College & release the pressure on relying on Student Fees alone to develop our courses and maintain the high care approach for which we are known.


Facilities and Equipment Development:

The MPC Future Fund will be instrumental in developing our facilities and acquiring state-of-the-art equipment. This investment is aimed at transforming Mount Pleasant College into a vibrant hub of creative activity in Western Australia..

Affordable Tuition Fees:

Your support through the fund will allow us to keep tuition fees at a reasonable rate, ensuring accessibility for prospective students. This commitment aligns with our mission to provide quality education without compromising on affordability.

Investing in Lecturing Staff:

The fund enables us to invest in our exceptionally talented lecturing staff. These dedicated individuals generously contribute their time to nurture the talents of our students, and your support will further empower them to continue their invaluable work.

High-Care Approach and Learning Support:

With your help, we aim to sustain our high-care approach, particularly in the critical area of learning support. The MPC Future Fund will provide additional resources to meet the high demand for learning support, ensuring that every student receives the assistance they need to thrive academically.

Your contribution to the MPC Future Fund will make a lasting impact on the future of creative education at Mount Pleasant College. Thank you for considering donating & being part of this transformative journey. Your generosity is not only an investment in our college but also in the creative leaders and innovators of tomorrow. Together, we can shape a future filled with creativity, inspiration, and educational excellence.




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