CUA40720 Certificate IV in Design

Course Description

ID: CUA40720

Do you want to extend your learning in the graphic design industry? Then check out the Mount Pleasant College CUA40720 Certificate IV in Design. With a focus on building your understanding of the fundamentals of design and tackling projects based on real world briefs, this course is a perfect launch pad for emerging designers.

In this course you will…

  • deepen your understanding of the fundamentals of graphic design
  • develop your skill, efficiency and creativity using industry-leading graphic
  • design software
  • expand your creative world as you research popular trends in design
  • solidify your theory understanding as you take on various practical design projects
  • planning and hosting an arts exhibition

The course has been developed to guide you in building your own design style and give you invaluable industry experience as you manage various creative projects such as magazine layouts, corporate branding, and motion graphics.


You will complete the course having gained considerable understanding and experience in the world of graphic design. You will also be equipped to begin working in the design industry and continue further technical education at Diploma or University level.


2 semesters

Contact time

2 days (12 hrs p/w)

Entrance requirements

Audition / Interview